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Process Philosophy

At 247Analyst.com we pride ourselves on proven methodologies. Everything we do follows a set of measurable standards and procedures to ensure top quality.

The experience begins with a proper evaluation of the client's current needs. As the relationship grows, we jointly determine the best way to proceed, measure each step, optimize as needed and arrive at a concurrent conclusion.

Once transition is complete, we work with you to monitor and manage the changing environment. This assures we stay agile and adaptive to changing needs, thus maintaining top quality performance.

Following a process does not mean lack of innovation. We constantly evaluate new technologies, new ideas and new ways of doing things so the quality only gets better with time. We take suggestions and insight from every angle and implement those with promise, all in close cooperation with the client.

Quality Assurance

Superior quality management processes back 247Analyst.com's strong project methodology. The quality initiatives and processes are customer centric and our management strives to ensure that the service levels exceed customers' expectations throughout the engagement.

Some of the processes include:

  • Change authentication process
    Formal documentation is the first step towards any change in process. This is done by means of raising a PCR (Process Change Request). This request is reviewed by the QCs. Implementation of the change is done only if the formal approval process is adhered to.
  • Quality metrics and objectives
    All metrics that form a part of performance norm [SLA] for a particular project would be a part of the performance review.
  • Process improvement
    Based on operational experience, regular process reviews are conducted to ensure smooth and efficient operations. Constant feedback from client's and their customers are reviewed with urgency and acted upon to improve the service levels.
  • Audits
    Quality audits are performed internally at various levels with varying frequency.
    Our QC Managers randomly audit the quality of processes followed.
    The QC performs audits every fortnight to ensure that the overall process meets clients stated objectives; escalations are made to the right person at the right time.
    The account manager is responsible for the overall operation of the account and performs reviews every month to ensure smooth operation of the services.
  • Internal communication for real-time issues
    We use in-house software for internal communication on real-time issues.


247Analyst.com's online report system will allow online monitoring of the functions performed by our team. This report lets the LPM (Local Project Manager) and RPM (Remote Project Manager) track performance of the team and each team member. The reporting format will be decided as part of the implementation plan. This report will provide a graphical representation of the activities of a particular project. The actual formats of the reports will be agreed upon during implementation.

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