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Hiring and Training

The most important aspect of our business is quality service with high degree of professionalism. We understand that it is critical that right people with the right skills sets are deployed.


We have a unique set of process in selecting our team members and support personnel. 247Analyst.com's experienced recruitment team is in a position to ramp up quality people in a short time frame for immediate client requirements. The recruitment process is flexible and can be adapted to evaluate client specific skill requirements. We look for very energetic people who have excellent communication and cognitive skills, and who are able to assimilate a great deal of information quickly. They are lead by functional experts who are familiar with the in and outs of each industry.

Our team members are college graduates or hold equivalent degrees. Candidates go through a written test that includes sections on proficiency in English language, analytical ability & reasoning and Internet awareness. The successful candidates later go through multiple rounds of interviews.


The newly inducted team members undergo extensive induction and continuous re-training on processes, methodologies and software tools to keep them abreast with the latest technologies. Our training program focuses on the mandatory requirements that need to be followed in providing the best of services to the client.

In addition, each candidate is trained on key soft skills like teamwork, oral and written communications, client management, the willingness to learn, etc. These are an integral part of the learning process at 247Analyst.com

The Training Program

Hiring energetic people with good analytical and cognitive skills are not enough to ensure excellent back office services to the client. Right after joining 247Analyst.com, every employee goes through an intensive training in procedures, output maximization and delivery.

At 247Analyst.com, the training program is client focused and skill-based, which encourages strong corporate values, promotes team spirit, and supports a positive work environment. In order to maximize the learning experience, we have established both senior led classroom training and on-the-job training.

In addition to the conventional teaching methodologies, we also stress on role-playing to train our team members. Role playing sessions simulate the project life cycle and ensure that our team members are ready for the project.

Our training programs are divided into General (provided at induction and periodically) and Specific (tailored to clients needs) training.


Our family of team members drives our growth and we want to recruit the best and make sure we hold on to them. Compensation for our team members is based on a variety of factors - productivity, ability to drive the team and also client satisfaction. We also recognize and reward them well for their performance with promotions and other incentives

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